About Us
Vision, Mission and Values


Aneco is an Angolan company that works in the area of the environment, by providing services, studies, projects and waste treatment mainly associated with the oil industry.

We intend to develop strategic partnerships through customized and bold solutions, which meet the specific needs of each client in terms of strategic consulting, training, development of procedures, management plans with a focus on environmental issues.

We have a team of qualified professionals, motivated, committed to excellence, capable to answer effectively and efficiently in the various areas of the environment. We rely on the support of international partners.


The technological and economic development resulted in improvements in the quality of human life, but it also led to an increased reliance on non-renewable energy sources and environmental degradation. Aneco wants to grow and consolidate itself in the market by supporting the development of Angola always with environmental responsibility, minimizing the impact on the planet leading to a better overall world.

Our vision goes through the development of environmental projects of excellence that put Angola alongside the leading countries with regard to environmental policies and practices.

Due to a bigger sensitivity on the part of citizens, governments and companies for the environmental questions and to the approval of more demanding environmental legislation, organizations are increasing its environmental performance.

Aneco has as mission to support these organizations in the resolution of a wide range of environmental questions, applying all its knowledge and experience in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality and security. Always with the highest technical standards, dynamism and in accord with the best practices worldwide.

We are compromised to the creation of value by offering solutions and services that answer to the necessities of our customers.

– Integrity acting on loyalty and credibility, responsibility and transparency in the scrupulous fulfilment of signed contracts
– Customer focus suiting the offer to the needs of the costumers, according with the profile and interests
– Strictness assuring the full compliance of deadlines, requirements and costs defined in all projects
– Professionalism working with devotion with an individual and collective pro-asset attitude in meeting its objectives
– Excellency guaranteeing a permanent creative and innovative attitude in searching for raised levels of productivity, yield and quality of the given service


Aneco upholds its role as a responsible corporate citizen committed to the cause of Quality & Health, Safety and Environment (“Q&HSE”) for the interest and protection of employees, society and the environment. Aneco recognizes the importance of working closely with our customers, contractors and employees to achieve the best possible.

Health, Safety and Environment Statement
Health, Safety and Environment Policy’s and Operational Standards state clearly that we accept responsibility for our employees and society at large to provide a safe place of work, safe systems of work, assess the environmental impacts of our business and ensure we operate in line with the laws of each country in which Aneco does business.

Global industrialisation and the growth of world population have placed extreme pressure on the availability of natural resources and the condition of the environment. Aneco supplies and operates equipment that is designed to reduce and control the emissions of harmful wastes into the environment.

Aneco recognizes the need to pay attention to and protect our environment for our own sake and the sake of our children’s future. Only through the cooperative efforts of all can the best possible Health, Safety and Environment record be maintained.


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