Drilling Fluids
Drilling Waste Management


The oilfield business comprises two core divisions – drilling fluids and drilling waste management. For Aneco with our strategic partner’s support, these core divisions together form a workflow which is time and cost effective, while in complete compliance with international environmental standards

The drilling fluids solutions we therefore provide, have a complete range to meet a wide array of clients’ requirements and also cater to the most challenging wells such as horizontal, multilateral, deep water and high temperature-high pressure (HTHP) wells.

Our support partner updates their engineers regularly with product trainings to ensure that they are knowledgeable on our range of drilling fluids. This will guarantee that we will be dynamic partners to our clients, providing the best possible expertise in the market today


Aneco provides a complete range of engineering services and drilling fluid solutions to meet the wide array of clients’ requirements. Our support partner’s team of highly skilled and trained drilling fluid engineers is both based on clients’ rigs and at laboratory facilities to support the formulations and smooth operation of drilling activities. Our support partner’s engineers are regularly updated with product training to ensure optimum knowledge of our drilling fluids so that Aneco remains a dynamic partner to our clients, providing the best possible expertise in the market today.


Aneco with our support partner’s Drilling Waste Management Services reduce the waste generated during drilling activities to acceptable environmental levels. Our waste management services are based on our Waste Management Hierarchy which governs the way we deal with solids control and waste disposal. In its basic form, this hierarchy is divided into 4 levels: reduction at source, recycling, treatment and disposal.

To ensure that these steps are adhered to, accurate planning which takes into account both environmental protection as well as cost-effectiveness is imperative. This involves studies to review both the project and the disposal criteria. Ultimately, the methods employed follow the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) and Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) practices.

As part of our drilling waste management services, Aneco with our strategic partner’s support, also supplies highly skilled staff to ensure equipment are correctly installed, fully operational and well-maintained.

Their team employees are on-call 24 hours a day, every day and are trained to provide support at a moment’s notice. In addition, our company carries comprehensive spares in numerous stocking locations to ensure minimum disruption or down-time to our clients’ operations arising from any technical incidents.

In order to achieve specific objectives within a specified timescale and budget, Aneco with our strategic partner support has developed a clear and concise Waste Management Program. This program, which is available to clients as a whole or in parts, according to clients’ needs, enables us to:

• identify waste streams, discern performance indicators and offer the best, cost-effective technical solutions and resources available
• determine the best methods for safe and healthy operational practice and management controls
• provide our clients with a report on specific performance data that includes recommendations for future improvements.