All you need to know about
    our Safe Oceans Platform


Aneco proposes the creation of the “SAFE OCEANS”, platform, in order to monitor marine pollution, spills and illegal discharges in the Atlantic Ocean’s parcel under the jurisdiction of Angola (territorial waters, contiguous Zone and the exclusive economic zone that extends up to 200 nautical miles).

Angola needs to preserve what is rightfully theirs and ensure safe usage and environmental responsibility of its seas. The “SAFE OCEANS” platform uses combined aerial means equipped for the purpose and satellite images in data collection by ensuring total coverage, around the clock, 365 days per year, offering the best cost-benefit ratio.

The data collected will be analyzed in real time at the control and operational management center, allowing the immediate alert of possible spills as well as a more incisive control on illegal discharges.

The platform will have an active role in the event of spillage, controlling and monitoring the cleaning work and providing accurate up-to-date information on the progress of the work.

This kind of control is used by several countries including England, The United States, Canada and Norway.
Angola will be at the forefront worldwide in the protection of their shores.

Data and images will be collected by specially equipped planes, with autonomy to cover vast areas of the Angolan coast, able to fly during the day and night and in permanent contact with the Earth stations for greater coordination and effectiveness.


Taking advantage of the global satellite system will achieve total coverage using satellite images combined with aerial means, which allows to increase the capacity of detection, decrease the response time and a more efficient resources management.

Monitoring of the data collected shall be carried out by teams of qualified professionals, around the clock, 365 days per year, always in coordination with the various agencies/authorities.


The use of next-generation Software for data analysis will allow rigorous reporting by providing a monitoring of marine pollution throughout the year, serving as a basis to elaborate studies and implement corrective measures.

Aneco believes that the implementation of the “SAFE OCEANS” platform will contribute to a better Angola, with direct impact on their development and sustained growth with environmental responsibility.

The sustained growth of Angola and the future of the next generations will go inevitably through the care for the environment. Aneco wants to contribute to this growth and put Angola and the Angolans on the innovation path.

Taking care of the oceans will be our legacy to future generations. We have full confidence in the success of this platform and in the skills of Aneco and its team of skilled professionals, committed to excellence and always having as goal to exceed expectations. Our international partners, leaders in this kind of programs, bring all their knowledge and support on a global scale by raising the quality of services.

With the platform “SAFE OCEANS” the future begins today.